What We Offer

2020 Vegetable CSA (not available)
    • 20 weekly boxes with a wide variety of fresh organically-grown produce, Strawberries, from the end of May to the end of October, with one week absence to accommodate your vacation time
    • A good mix of common vegetables in Canadian diet and Asian stir-fry types of vegetables (bok choy, choy sum, pak choy, tatsoi, long squash, luffa, bitter melon, daikon radish, to name a few)
    • Optional: one pack of half dozen steamed buns weekly
    • Optional: free-range organically-fed eggs, one dozen weekly
    • $660 weekly, or $340 bi-weekly (10 weeks)
    • Plus 140 weekly with eggs, or $70 bi-weekly with eggs (10 weeks)
    • Plus $300 weekly with steamed buns, or $150 bi-weekly with steamed buns
2020: Fall/Winter Farm Sum CSA
    • 6 monthly farm sum food box, starting 10/2020. 
    • two dozen fresh or frozen steamed buns, flavours of your choice (pork&veggie, tofu&veggie, red bean paste, sweet sesame paste, garlic braised pork, BBQ pork, marinated tofu).
    • Two bags of dumplings, frozen, your choice of vegan or pork&veggie, (garlic, chive, cilantro, dill flavour, depending on season) 
    • Sign up bonus: Farm Sum Sesame Chili Oil for the first month.
    • 100% certified organic wheat and splet flour
    • $560 for 6 months, $95 for one trial month, $280 half share
    • $15 deliver charge if applicable
    • We can cater to your needs. All vegan option is available
Our current offerings include:
  • Potted ginger plants, available in spring and fall.
  • Various vegetables, includig Chinese and salad greens, root vegetables, tomatoes, herbs, and etc.
  • Fresh or frozen pork in various cuts or a quarter pig
and our Farm Sum:
  • Steamed Buns (3 varieties including Pork&Vegetable, Tofu&Vegetable, and Red Bean Paste with Coconut)
  • Dumplings (Pork&Veggie, Vegetarian/Vegan with Tofu&Vegetables)
  • Egg Tarts (homemade pastry and custard with organic dairy and eggs)
  • Kimchi (seasonal, spicy fermented Cabbage, daikon and ginger)
  • Chinese Peasant-style Fermented Vegetables (seasonal, tender long beans with hot pepper, ginger and garlic)
  • Soy Cheese (a unique Chinese delicacy food, fermented tofu)

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